"Becky was instrumental in the acquisition due diligence process and continues to be an asset to the property. Becky and her team have provided the resources to complete the repairs and improvements required at acquisition within the budgetary constraints and continues to identify ongoing repairs to ensure the physical asset is maintained in first class condition. As an out of state owner we rely on our local management. Becky and her management team are the most conscientious, timely, thorough and communicative third party manager of our portfolio."

-Tanya N.

"I appreciate all of Becky Martin's assistance and her continued efforts. The reason I keep working with Becky is that she works hard, gets results and adds value to each transaction she handles for us."

- K. W.

"Becky is consistent in her work. She is extremely competent, organized and effective. Her personality and professionalism avail her to work with many different styles of people. She can handle a difficult situation with supreme skill. Her communication is timely and clear. Becky is glad to do whatever is needed to accomplish her goal. She seems to go above and beyond, time and time again. She also brings with her a team that is a great resource in itself."

- Linda P., Remembrance Management, LLC

"Rebecca Martin has helped our church in the past, with her creative ideas and professional knowledge of real estate, financing, and other knowledge, of all that is involved with getting the job done. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone, because of her expertise in what she does. I have also found Becky to be very professional and personable."

- Senior Pastor, Ken R., Front Range Apostolic Tabernacle